What is E-commerce?

What is E-commerce

E-commerce word is made of E and Commerce in which E means Electronic and we get a full form Electronic Commerce.E-Commerce is a very trending topic in today's life E-Commerce means that buying and selling of any online service is coming in e-commerce. E-Commerce gives opportunity and allow people to shop from online and comfort from their own homes and provide a wide range of business to reach out potential customers. E-Commerce websites gifts very good opportunity to people to compare the prices of the product which they want and open provides first delivery options as compared to other website. E-Commerce has revoltionized the way of people to shop online it makes easier and very comfortable to buy a product online it gives us opportunity of more accessible for everyone it also created a way 4 small business to reach out a wider range of audience. E-Commerce has also lead to the development of new technologies such as online payment secure gateway and secure check out process. It also personalize the way of shopping experiences. Four example if anyone wants any product so he went to websites like Flipkart Amazon eBay or many more and make a order from it after that he receives his order on his door steps and give the payment to the delivery boy this process comes in e-commerce. In India Amazon and Flipkart are the big example of e-commerce websites.

Types of E-commerce

There are four types of e-commerce for any business and customer it means different.

1. Buisness to Consumer (B2C)
2. Buisness to Buisness (B2B)
3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
4. Consumer to Buisness (C2B)

1. Buisness to Consumer

Business to consumer E-Commerce refers to the businesses who selling products or their services to directly the individual consumers via an online platform. Like any customer will buy it's needed product from online website like Amazon and Flipkart are comes in business to consumer e-commerce.

2. Business to Business

Business to business E-Commerce means that one business will cell its service and products to another business. In this transaction should be in use quantity and negotiation will be needed for better quality and deal. 4 B2B marketing strategy you will make a bond with another businesses and focus to complete their needs.

3. Consumer to Consumer

In this process if any consumer cell and buy its service and products from another consumer is known as consumer to consumer e-commerce. The biggest example of this E-Commerce is OLX and Quikr. Like on OLX you can easily buy and sell the product you need to another consumer.

4. Consumer to Business

In this E-Commerce any business company will buy service and products from any consumer. If any company will need software and website of there business they will contact a freelance developer to buy this.

How to do E-COMMERCE Business?

In India to start a commerce business is not much more hard as people thought about it you just need to have a deep information about E-Commerce business. If we have knowledge about this you can easily start your business. Any people who have their business and sell their own product they will not work too much for stabilizing E-Commerce business they just need to make a website and bank account to start it. People which have not have their own business and their own product they will take help of peoples who have their own product but don't know about online E-Commerce business.

How to make E-COMMERCE Website?

After making the details of your product and list of its advantages you need to focus on your website. Once upon a time when developers will charge 50 to 60 thousand ruppes for single eCommerce website. They also took a much time for develop the website. But in present such software and modules will be launched from which everyone can make different types of E-commerce website in low budget.

For making E-commerce website WooCommerce,Magento and Shopify are the best platform for making E-commerce website. From this WooCommerce is the best and easiest module.

Now I will tell you some steps from which you can make your E-commerce website easily.

Domain Regestire

For making any E-commerce website you first need to buy and register a domain. Like flipkart.com, amazon.in all are domains. You need to choose a domain according to your product and you can buy from godaddy to register your domain. Fore admin you need to pay max to max 1000 rupees.

Hosting Regestire

For making any type of website you need posting for it, hosting is like a online space for your website at which your files related to your website will be stored. Which will be exist from anywhere by the help of domain. You will buy a good and secure hosting for your website for which you can need to pay 6000 rupees for a year. For a good and best hosting you need to register on Resellerclub.

Download WordPress

Wordpress is a software which is available in free for making websites. If you are facing any problem to install wordpress you can contact wordpress before buying a hosting you can tell them to set a better domain for your website and also install word press in it. They will do their self for you only.

Install WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress from which you can get all feature regarding e-commerce. It is very simple to install when you login to dashboard of wordpress you can understand easily. You can upload all of your products on WooCommerce. Also get information of order and you can connect a payment gateway from which you can get your money direct in your bank account.

Website Them

To make your ई-कॉमर्स website stylish you can choose a favourite theme for it. From which you can get a attractive look for your website. On wordpress you can get thousands of theme in free and you can install it from there. If you want to spend money on theme you can buy premium theme from ThemeForest.

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