What is Education? Types of Education? Facts about Education?

What is Education?

Education have many forms which includes formal education like by attending schools or university and informal education like learning from our life experience is or online courses. It will also be prepared for any purpose and for prepare any goal and for knowledge gaining purpose you can continue study. Education is a process of lifetime that will not end with graduation it will continues journey of learning and improvements in your daily life routine and help you to achieve your dreams.

Types of Education?

There are three types of education including formal education which is structured and follow a curriculum, and non formal education it will based on skill learning and may not follow any set of curriculum. Informal education which is self directed and based on personal interest. Formal education will be divided into three sections primary, secondary and tertiary education. Primary education is for those students who was aged 5-11 and secondary education is for children aged 11-18 and tertiary education is for individuals aged above 18 and 18 years old who are pursuing their higher education such as colleges and university. Non formal education can include continue Education courses like learning of any skill and apprenticeships. Informal education will include hobbies self directed learning.

History of Education

Education has a long history of itself when we go back to ancient civilization such as grecce and rome. In this societies education will only main to them that they will only focus on teaching philosophy literature and other subjects which will help them to become a good leader they only teach subjects which will consider important for their leadership and governance. During the middle age of the ancient time education was controlled largery by the church members and they will focus on religious instruction to educate all individuals and provide good quality education. That time was marked as period of education in which people will renewed interest in education and universities where established. In 19 and 20th century education will be more accessible to the all backgrounds individuals who can can't hear about it and public schools were established to provide free education to all children of different backgrounds. And we all see that education is very important in our life to live a good life everyone wants to become rich and be educated.

Development of Education

Education has undergoes various development over the past years. Hindi past education was only reserved for the wealthy people children's and was only focus on teaching basic writing and arithmetic skills. Aur time education as become more excessible for all background people who can can't afford it but in the present education is very necessary for all peoples and has expanded to include wide range of skills and subjects. Today education will work like a key factor for our social and economical development and in present time emphasis are growing to provide high quality education to all individuals. With the rise of technology today we can access education on online platform and we can study at our home without going anywhere and it is more accessible for rural areas individuals and in upcoming time education will be more accessible to all individuals

Online Education

As we all know online education become more popular in past recent years because technology will be rise year by year and its made it easier to access educational resources from anywhere in the world. Online education courses have many benefits like flexibility, convenience and lower cost as compared to offline courses. Student can often complete their coursework at their own place and students can access their course materials anytime and anywhere. Online education will make easy for those people who live in remote area and have another commitments such as work for family and many more issues. We know that it have very benefits but it's also have some drawbacks likes students can't interect with their instructors face to face and from another students which can make them self doubt and make it more difficult to build their collaborative nature.

Some interesting facts about education

1. The University of Bologna in Italy was the oldest university in the world which was founded in 1088

2. At the present the most educated country in the world is Canada because 56% of its population have a College degree.

3. The average cost for the tuition in United State is $35000 per year.

4. At present Finland have the best education system in the world because its focus to give free education to all students and also focus on student well being.

5. There are 260 million students which doesn't have access to education worldwide according to UNESCO.

6. The record of the highest level of education achieved by a person is registered under Australian men named Kim un young at the age of 15. This is a shocking fact as we all know.

7. Today we listen word school which will come out through the Greek word skhole which means leisure.

8. The first American public school was founded in Boston in 1635.

9. In the United States women have more college degrees than the man but the conclusion is men will earn more money than womens over their lifetime.

10. The first online University worldwide was Jones international University which was founded in 1993.


In in conclusion I only want to say that education will be given to every individual while there are many challenges to face by some individuals to getting educations like they leave their home to get higher education and to overcome the fees of good colleges and have unequal access to education and rising tuition costs but at last education is important tool for personal and social growth. So I think you can get well knowledge about what education is and facts about education so we need to end of this post here I hope you will like my post and please share it with your friends and relatives. If you have any question related to this post you can ask me in the comment section below.

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