How To Download Movies From aFilmywap Website ?

How To Download Movies From aFilmywap Website ?

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aFilmywap(updated 2023)

Today we all know that movies is an interesting and trending topic in our daily life or social media. When we talk about whole India i think there no city where we can't see a movie theatre. When in India a big movie is released then we see big crouds outside the theatre for see the movie. But as we all know that in India all theatre we can't see our favourite movies instead of that they show us the most hyped or most valuable movies. If you want to see your favourite or your ideal movie then you need the help of internet to download it and see. Today We are telling you  about a website in which you can easily download a movie and see it. We can tell you how to download a movie easily from afilmywap website.

What is aFilmywap ?

If we talk about filmywap website it is a pirated website from which we can download old and new as well as the series which we want to see and it totally free.Now we can tell you that which type of movies you can download from afilmywap website. You can  download Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, South movies, Pakistani movies, Gujrati movies, Tamil movies and many more . These movies are easily download from afilmywap website in HD and see it.

480p HD Movie Download

If you did not want to download a movie in HD you can also download it in 480p resolution in small size which can easily run in your computer. From this method you can download any movie in a small time period and enjoy it. From this method if you download a movie in 480p resolution you can also save your data as well as your  storage. On a filmywap website you can easily find a movie of 30 MB as well as 500 MB movie.

Is it a Genuine Website?

Like this website there are many more websites which are on internet but they are fake which can steal your personal information as well as your passwords so for your security we can provide a  website photo below this paragraph. This you can save from the all fake websites which can harm you and you will save your valuable time. This website user interface is very easy as well as a child can run it very easily. If we talk about super movies it seems like hard to download for the new users who can visit it for first time. The reason is there are many ads running in the website so the people who visit it first time they can't find the button for download it. 

As we all know that Google ads are a way to earn money without any work if anyone give you a free service that not means it will work for you in free in return he will earn from this ads. On this website we can also get a notification about the new released movies.

First of all I want to alert you that from a pirated website if you download a movie it is a illegal task . From this post I only want to inform you that how afilmywap website works

How to Download a movie from afilmywap website? 

From this post we can tell you how you can download movies from afilmywap website easily. If you learn our steps and get it in your mind you can easily download a movie from afilmywap website as well as the website who provide movie like it.

Step 1 : How to find Website Link

We all know these website will not work for a long time after sometime these will block by Google for some suspicious activities they will do like ads.

That's why I can tell you more about it in my other post. From afilmywap website section you can find easily a URL of the website. Hindi below picture you are see that I use Opera browser and VPN and I search a filmy wap on Google and that the result the first website is the right website. 

Step 2 : Open the website in Browser

Getting the link you can open the link in web browser if you want to use VPN of Opera browser you can use it for accessing the link if you did not want to use VPN of a browser or any proxy network then you can easily search a filmywap on any proxy website and run it easily.

Step3: Find your Favourite Movie

From this website homepage you can easily find your favourite movie by the option of category which is provided in the homepage. After doing this and some scroll you can see the movie size and it hits like in the below picture you can see it.

You can also inform that if you can click on the website you see that in new tab is opened. This is because there are many ads which are running in the background of the website but you can ignore it and only click on your link where from you can download your movie easily. 

Step 4 : Go on Download Page

Previous page after click you can get a new tab in which you can see the download page. This page you can see many download buttons but you can ignore it because these all are ads. You can only click on the button as we show below in the picture. You have to click on the link where you want to download the movie by its name. 

After click on the button you can again get a new tab on which you can again get the download page where you get the download button

Friends I hope you can learn the way to download the movie from afilmywap website. If you get any help from this post you can also share this post to your relatives and your friends. If you have any problem related to any technical issue you can send me your messege through the comment section.


We obey to all rules and regulations which are regulated by our indian government that movie download from the pirated websites is a illegal task. As well as download a licence file from a pirated website in free is also a illegal task. You can also be get the strong action from Indian Government

On this post is only for your kind information.

We will not advise you to use it nor we take any responsibility of this website. Please oppose this type of website and give support to and Indian Government

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