What is Share Market?

A Share market is a place where we can buy or sell companies' stocks. When a company wants to collect money then it will sell its share to the public then people like us will buy the shares of the company and sell it in the stock market the price of the share of the company will fluctuate and depends upon some factors of the company like the brand value of the company and how much offices it will open and which response they give to their customers etc and there share price also depends on their Financial growth and their Economics growth people use it as a way to earn money and make their business in this they will buy the company shares in the low prices and sell it in the share market in high prices the difference between their prices they sell and by are their profit which can be taxed by your government.

So they face deep loss when they buy a share for 200 but the share will doesn't rise after that and they salad into 180 rupees then they face the 20 rupees loss per share they will buy but overall we can count share market in the growth of our economics of India. When a company will perform well in the market then their stop will tell us by their price increases and the profit we can make by the people who buy their stock and wait for the better price.

What are BSE and NSE? 

BSE and NSE both are the stock market of India we can also know the BSc as the Bombay stock exchange and NSC is also known as the National stock exchange. Please exchange will help people to buy or sell the traded stocks in the market and the other security which are listed in the stock market. BSc which is the Bombay stock exchange is also known as the oldest stock market in India is stabilized in 1875 it is situated in Bombay India also known as Mumbai it will carry 5000 and more companies' stocks in its list. Another hand NSE which is the stock exchange which is stabilized in 1992 and is younger than the BSE. It is also situated in Mumbai based on market capitalization it is the biggest stock exchange in India which can also give offers to the people for this talks like derivative exchange.

What are Share Market Indexes? 

Market indexes are a financial tool that can track various stocks and their prices fluctuate in indexes there are Trading volume, Market capitalization, and many more factors of the market that will also affect it. Indexes are used to track the performance of the market and the stocks list which of the companies and how they work they good better then their share price will increase and if they're doing bad then the before their share price will go low.

Indexes are generally used by traders as a used benchmark to track their trades which they take in the market to track their profit and loss how much they gain from the trade and the company's performance. In some popular share markets, we can see Nifty 50 trade which is included as a popular trade option that is trained by the traders.

How to buy shares in Share Market? 

To buy any share on the share market list you want to create an account on any brokerage firm. Then you can deposit money in your brokerage account and place an order and trade. To buy any stock you want to first know what its logo looks like and what name is on the brokerage firm. Through your brokerage film, you can use a trading platform from which you can monitor your traits as well as your orders on which companies stock you will make the order. The overall conclusion of this to buy a share from the share market you only need to open your Demat account and then follow the process I will tell you about in the post.

What is a portfolio? 

The portfolio is a collection in which your investments and your securities are included. In your portfolio, you can also add stocks mutual funds, and other financial instruments. A portfolio places an important role in your net worth and you can also monitor your investments through the portfolio.

Who are the Bulls and Bears?

Bulls and Bears have commonly used words that can describe the share market sentiments. Aaj door traders are optimistic and always thought that the market will be growth and they are always positive according to the report. They are known as bulls because they always want to grow the market and they invest in the stocks to get up the market with their horns.

Bears are store investors and traders who always think that the market will go down and decline the order they always thought negative and they think the price will go down. They are known as bears because they always down the market with their close and think negatively about it.

How to select the best share? 

To select the best share in the market you can first see the company's performance for the last 5 or 10 years. To be able to profit from loss financial and economic crises which they hold in their last  5 or 10 years. Also needs to track the industry trends or follow the big traders like bulls and bears on how they can choose a stock for their trade. You also need to know about your investment and your risk tolerance and how much risk you can handle with your investment. You can analyze it from a long-term perspective and ignore all the short-term fluctuations

Which is the best time to invest in the share market? 

There is no best time to invest in the share market if you want to participate in a long race you should pick up a stock and invest in it anytime. Investing in the share market should be risky long race share market gives more than the capital of investment. You should invest in those companies' stocks in which you have to believe and you are trekking their records for the last 5 to 10 years and you think these companies will do better in the future.

How much return do we get from the share market? 

Returns of the stock will depend on the performance of the company in which you invest your capital. Till today stock market gives an annual near about 10% of return but it will vary very fast in the year.

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