7 Best App For Learn English In Free


Hello guys today I will tell you about how to learn English with the help of these seven best apps which I will provide in the post which i posting today. We all know that in our daily life English has a important role in our life without it we can't do conversation with peoples like who don't families with our local language. You get hundreds of apps on play store to learn but the problem with those apps is they all are paid and charge the high amount to teach you English. Today I will help you to find out those apps which can teach English in free without any charge.

There are many great apps available for learning English but the best seven are:

1. EngVarta
2. Duolingo
3. Fluent U
4. Hello English
5. Babbel
6. Memrise
7. Rosseta Stone


If you are searching a good apps for learn good English then you can go with EngVarta. EngVarta is app where you can learn English with the English tortures and you can practice your English spoken on their live classes. You can also check your pronunciation your grammar and many more by asking the tutors for their review about your English. You can also improve your vocabulary as well. This app will totally help you to improve your English language and your pronunciation as well as your vocabulary. The important thing which I like about this app is it is totally free and you can learn English for your exam which you want to crack.


Doulingo is a very popular app for its free English teaching courses live classes where you can learn English by their live tutors. In this app you not even learn English there are many more languages courses are available on this app in free. This app will use game like interference from which people get excitement about learning English and improve their pronunciation vocabulary as well as their grammar this app give you a interesting interference. I like it for its attractive interference which can teach you English in a fun full way.

Fluent U

Fluent U is also a English teaching app but this is not enough it will offer you not even English but many more languages which you want to learn. It will use in real world videos and music videos like movie trailers in which English language is spoken and you will easily learn English from this app because of its attractive feature people improve their pronunciation vocabulary and their grammar in totally free from this app. This is a good way to understand our language and our culture.

Hello English

Hello English is a app where you learn English in a simplest way as well as you can use this app as it translator in many languages like if you want to translate your Hindi conversation in English you can use the app without any charge this is totally free and it provides many different language courses like Spanish English and many more. But the attractive think I like about this app this is totally free and help people to improve their pronunciation vocabulary and their grammar for their easy conversations.


Babbel is a English teaching app which can offer you many languages courses in totally free. You can use this app for real life situations and two improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. The most beautiful thing of this app is this app use interactive activities and quizzes for better experience from which people get easily learn English and easy to communicate with it. This app is totally free and you can use it for your language learning purpose if you want to attend live classes you can go with this app you have to attend life tutors Delhi on this app to learn your language.


Memrise is a app which is used for language learning. In this app people learn English by getting interactive videos quizzes and language based games from which they can easily learn their specific language easily. This app have many languages courses like Spanish English and many more according to your need. In this apps people get real life interaction for their language learning from which they get better experience and excitement to learn it. The best future of the app users will track their progress of language learning and they will make competition with their friends like quiz and games of language learning.

Rosseta Stone

Rosetta stone is a app which is made for language learning. This app will use immersive approach in which they will give real life situation to the users for their better experience. There are many language courses are available in Rosseta stone including English language. In this app users get better pronunciation vocabulary and grammar as well as they will improve their real life communication skill by the online classes which is held in this app by tutors. In Rosseta stone language learning app users get interactive exercise or quizzes from which their learning experience will be more interesting and effective. The good thing of this app is this is totally free.


So friends today you can see in the post that today I will tell you about five best English apps to learn English in totally free you can use anyone of them as according to your need but at last I want to give preference to a app which is doing because of its attractive interference and game like feature from which you can easily learn English and many more language which you want to learn so gais and with this paragraph with lot of love and support our website www.futuretechmaster.com


We did not promote any app and we never want hurt you we totally follow the Indian rules and regulations about online websites and apps which provide you English courses and teach you English in free we only want to give you the best content as we do on our website at last I want to tell you that these apps are best but these contain ads and some third party app partnerships so please be careful about these apps and at last I will tell again that we follow Indian rules and regulation so please give support to our Indian Government and our website futuretechmaster.com

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